Dashboard for Airbnb rental rates during the Paris Olympics


Optirental, an agency specializing in assisting property owners to rent their properties on online platforms, focuses primarily on professional property managers. Faced with the Paris Olympic Games in 2024, the company faces a double challenge, both reputational and commercial.


To capitalize on this major event, Optirental has set itself specific objectives. The company aims to develop an innovative platform based on its "data-oriented" approach. This approach relies on in-depth data analysis to enable precise monitoring of price fluctuations of listings on the Airbnb platform during the Olympic Games period. This initiative aims to provide professional managers with a strategic tool, based on reliable data, to effectively adjust their rates in line with the increased demand expected during the international sporting event. The ultimate goal is to position Optirental as a leading player in the online property rental sector, offering innovative solutions tailored to the particular challenges posed by events of this scale.

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Nuxt.js is a JavaScript framework based on Vue.js, enabling the creation of high-performance, scalable web applications with an SSR (server-side rendering) and CSR (client-side rendering) development approach.


Storyblok is a modern, scalable Headless CMS (Content Management System) that makes it easy to create, manage and distribute content across a variety of platforms and applications.