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Creating tailored websites to better communicate your activities and have a strong presence on the web.

Why get support?

Doing it alone is no easy task.

"I don't have the time"

You have a brilliant idea, but don't have the time to create the website that will represent it perfectly?

"I don't understand a thing"

Grid, layout, domain name, SEO... A lot of terms to learn if you want to go it alone?

"I can't get what I want".

Have you tried Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, Drupal? Are these tools too generic to do what you want?

"Poor user experience!"

Are your images too heavy? Mobile/tablet browsing is too slow and your site isn't responsive? Google Lighthouse performance not up to scratch?

"My website is too slow"

This is a crucial pillar of user experience, and slow sites are also penalized by search engines. Your conversion rate drops, you lose prospects, and you damage your company's reputation!

Our mission

A landing page that reflects your personality, to better communicate on your activities, and have a strong presence on the web.

Take care of the content, and only of the content

The CMS (Content Management System) we use gives you autonomy over content creation. Templates are defined together, and can be assembled according to your needs to create impactful, tailor-made pages.

The best technology at your service

As a web developer, our aim is to provide you with an optimized, responsive site using today's best practices and technologies.

Unrestrained creativity

We can handle any project: no technical limitations, we love 5-legged sheep. For you, however, it's child's play!

Easy to use

No in-depth technical knowledge of the web is required on your part: our tools have a low-code / no-code web builder interface, with drag & drop interactions.

A site to suit your image

We create your visual identity in collaboration with your branding agency, to develop a web design that reflects you.

What about you?

Would you like to take your business to the next level? Would you like to explore the possibilities for your business together?

Our Clients



Dashboard for Airbnb rental rates during the Paris Olympics

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Fabienne Legrand

Website for a freelance illustrator

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Originally from Kaduna, Nigeria, Godwin is a 23-year-old musician and filmmaker signed to Sony Music.

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What our clients say...

Clément made himself quickly available for a rather urgent assignment and more than rose to the challenge. More than that, he completed the assignment ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Clément for his expertise, availability and understanding of the project's challenges.


CEO - Mojo Capital

Clément was very responsive and efficient throughout the project. From the analysis of our requirements, to the quotation, feasibility study and delivery of the solution, everything was done on time. With impeccable quality.


CEO - Optirental

Mission carried out very efficiently!


CEO - Silvadec

Our Offers

What are we going to build together?

Basic - Landing Page

Launch your business with a customized landing page.


    Simple templates to configure your home page

    3 theme revisions

    CMS training

    Customize elements according to your graphic charter

    Online deployment


    Domain name



    Content writing

    Web design

    Technical support and maintenance

    Contact and/or appointment form

    A/B testing


1400 €

Tax excl.

Entreprise - Content

Develop your business by launching specialized content to increase your natural referencing.



    Templates to present your services

    Blog templates


    Domain name



    Content writing

    Web design

    Technical support and maintenance

    Contact and/or appointment form

    A/B testing


2500 €

Tax excl.

Need help?

Every project is unique, and our strength lies in adapting to your needs. Would you like a specific quote for your project?


Cutting-edge technologies for your projects

By combining these cutting-edge technologies, we are ready to meet any challenge and turn your innovative ideas into reality. Our team of experts is passionate about innovation, and committed to providing you with solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Django is a powerful web development framework in Python, renowned for its simplicity, robustness and ability to accelerate the creation of secure, scalable web applications.


Wagtail is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) based on Django, designed to offer an intuitive and flexible website creation experience, with an emphasis on user-friendliness and customization.


Nuxt.js is a JavaScript framework based on Vue.js, enabling the creation of high-performance, scalable web applications with an SSR (server-side rendering) and CSR (client-side rendering) development approach.


Storyblok is a modern, scalable Headless CMS (Content Management System) that makes it easy to create, manage and distribute content across a variety of platforms and applications.